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Data effects every aspect of our lives in the 21st century. Data Analytics is a rapidly growing field with vast influences in every sector of the world economy. The goal of this website is to help the non-data analyst gain a better understanding of the Data Science field.

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What is Data Analytics? and Why should i care?


What is Data Analytics?

Data Analytics is a subset of Data Science (Data Science is the intersection of Applied Statistics, Computer Programming, and Domain knowledge). It is the science of processing raw data and making informed organizational decisions from that data. Data comes in many forms and it is the job of the Data Analyst to process, transform, and understand their data.
Why Should I Care?

Data is rapidly changing the business marketplace as we know it. Organizations that understand their data better than their competitors, stand to gain a significant competitive advantage over the competition and improve their marketplace position. Data Analysts have many responsibilities, but the main responsibilities for a Data Analyst center around: Locating pertinent data, cleaning data, processing data, analyzing data, visualizing data, reporting, and recommendations from their data findings. The functions of a Data Analyst can ultimately help business managers and executives make better informed decisions to help drive their organizations forward, improve efficiency, increase profits and achieve organizational goals.

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